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Summit Saddle Bag

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By Matthew Riley AWL Co

Matthew is based at Higherford Mill (less than half a mile from Barrowford locks). Influenced by traditional techniques and heritage, he designs, crafts and finishes luxury leather products and accessories by hand.

Where possible all products are made from material made and sourced in Britain. In a culture where fast fashion and throwaway quality are seen as the norm, Matthew has chosen to go against the grain and place an emphasis on quality and longevity, manufacturing products that with proper care could last lifetime.

Matthew has designed a luxury leather bicycle saddle bag, with laser etched logos and illustrations relating to the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Without leather workers, saddlers and tack manufactures, canal horses would have been useless. Collars allowed the weight of the barge to be evenly distributed, enabling the horses to pull more weight. As canals started being used for recreational pursuits, so did the horses. They lost their collars and ropes, and soon came to have one thing in common with the bicycles now populating towpaths; a saddle. The bag is designed to fit under the saddle of a bicycle and carry the essential tools one might need for a day trip along the canal.

The looped key rings, made from traditional British Bridle leather are stamped with an illustration showing the elevation and pools along the length of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

Dimensions: 14cm x 10cm by 4cm approx

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