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Narrowboat Pendant

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Michelle Luker - Narrowboat Pendant

Michelle Luker of Interference Design is inspired by everyday objects, which she re-purposes and reimagines as witty and useful new design objects. Michelle looks beyond an items current application and then harnesses its properties to make it useful in other situations and locations. Taking the historical and functional form of the narrowboat, Michelle has used wood to create the first of her pendants, which has echoes back to the first industrial boats which were wooden and built for a lifetime of labour. The second cast pewter pendant design reflects the modern leisure status of the canal, with narrowboats made for pleasure and recreation, often flawlessly painted, which Michelle has reflected in the highly polished finish of her pewter pendant.

Michelle is a designer who has a history with the canal, having lived on a 1970’s narrowboat that she lovingly redesigned and renovated herself. ‘Narrowboat Pendant’ is inspired by her travels on her narrowboat ‘Liberty’ up and down England’s beautiful canal system. Each pendant is handmade with cast pewter and resin and hung on a sterling silver plated snake chain. www.interferencedesign.co.uk

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